Zach Merchant is one of the many inhabitants that can be seen in the open market, located at Topple Hill. The NPC was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. If the player interacts with him, Zach appears to come off as a rude, abrasive person.

In appearance, Zach Merchant wears a tattered blue short-sleeved shirt, as well as a beige hat and a pair of brown pants.

List of Dialogues

  • "Hey, what's up? You want fish? Get lost."
  • "And another thing! I did see that giant rat fall out of the sky! So tell everyone to stop asking me about it!"
  • "It happened, dude! Don't give me that look! Get lost!"
  • "When my dad isn't here, I don't have to sell to lousy adventurers like you! Or anybody!"
    1. "You're just angry, Zach."
      • "Humph! Scram dude!"
    2. "I didn't want your fish anyway."
      • "Sure dude, that's why you're standing over here! Scram dude!"
  • "Dude, I'm relaxing here, do I know you?"


  • Zach Merchant and Arin Bettybell appear to know each other, based on a dialogue from Arin Bettybell.
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