Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Yellowman are hostile humanoid figures that are found in the Frontier. They are typically found at A Frontier of Dragons and may often wander into the Celestial Field and The Pits' entrance. They share similar attack abilities to that of an Ancient Ogre.

In appearance, they are seen wearing brown suspenders, as well as brown pants, and one leather pauldron on one part of its shoulders. It wields a wooden club as its main weapon.

There are three known attacks that the Yellowman will unleash upon the players. The first known attack is where the Yellowman will simply swing its club towards the player. The second known attack is where the Yellowman will leap towards the player's location in an attempt to bash the player's head. The third attack is where the Yellowman spins around and rapidly damage the player, somewhat similar to the attack of the Otherworld Dollhunter.

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