Wonald Izzi Jackson is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. He can be found in front of his cliffside cart that borders the walls of the Gnome Magic School. The vendor is currently known for the Jump Boots he sells, a beneficial equipment that beginner players can rely on.

The name Wonald may derive from the 'wonderful'. This is a possible reference to the Jump Boots he sells, a 'wonderful' equipment that players relies on at some point. The middle name 'Izzi' possibly refers to the main theme of the attire, that of the Izziworld. The last name Jackson may derive from the meaning of 'God has been gracious; has shown favor', although it is unclear how it ties to the character as a whole.

List of Dialogues

  • "Oh, yes, I must be Wonald Izzi, that's right. Pleased to meet you."


  • Wonald Izzi Jackson and Wonald Izzi are not the same people despite the exact same attire and similar names.
  • The easter egg 'Dr. Seuss' resembles similar to Wonald Izzi Jackson.
  • The boots that the NPC wears is the Jump Boots, the exact same item that players can purchase from the NPC.
  • Mentioned in a place in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, the NPC, Wonald Izzi, is but one of the many Wonald Izzis out there in the Frontier's world.
  • As of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, Wonald Izzi's Hat can be obtained in The Nightmare after solving the second riddle.


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