The Wonald Izzi Hat is a garment that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It can be acquired in the second-riddle room, located in a small place known as the 'Inside'. This can only be accessed after the players had previously solved the first and second riddle, as well as entering each door possessing a Plaque.


The Wonald Izzi Hat is nearly identical to the same hat worn by Wonald Izzi Jackson - a tall hat with a bright red color with three yellow stripes.

The Wonald Izzi Hat is simply a garment that is used for vanity. it does not provide benefits whatsoever, other than to be worn for bragging rights.


  • It is not possible for players to acquire more than one Wonald Izzi Hat. If it is lost or sold, they will be unable to get it again.
  • Despite its origins, the Wonald Izzi Hat's model is based off on the model used for the Inspector's Hat.


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