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  • Alias: Wonald Izzi, Wonald Izzi Jackson, Elite Inspector, Izzpector

Wonald Izzi, not to be confused with its other alternate universe counterpart, Wonald Izzi Jackson, a vendor found in the Frontier's world. As its name implies, it is nearly identical to the vendor known as Wonald Izzi Jackson, except the entity wields a gigantic hammer similar to that of the weapon Inspector uses. It is seen in the 48th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Izziworld III, finalizing the three 'storylines' of the Izziworld floors.


  • There are four attacks Wonald Izzi can perform:
    • Lingering Smash - Attempts to smash the players with its hammer in front of itself, except it continues to linger its damaging effect as it approaches the player's current location.
    • Smash - Attempts to smash the players with its hammer in front of itself.
    • Swing - Attempts to swings its hammer at the player, hitting them from the left or right side of the player's head.
    • Whack - Attempts a more pronounced swing from the left or right in order to hit the player harder.


It is suggested that the players should have some sorts of jump-boosting and/or flight equipment while fighting against Wonald Izzi. Mushroom Parasol and Angel Wings/Dark Angel Wings are the players' "best friends" when it comes to avoiding Wonald Izzi's melee-based attacks.


  • It is often compared to Wonald Izzi Jackson and/or the Inspector.
  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • The boss, Wonald Izzi, is theorized to be an alternate universe version of the Wonald Izzi Jackson seen in the Frontier, where Wonald Izzi Jackson ruled a vast world of mystery and forgotten secrets, preferably another version of the Frontier's world.
  • It is the 3rd-to-last boss of the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • It is seen wearing the iconic standalone armor piece known as the Jump Boots.
  • It is considered to be the easiest boss out of the final five floors according to many dungeon raiders, although The Mistake, being the second to last boss of the tower, also appears to be.
  • Wonald Izzi and Wonald Izzi Jackson are meant to be seen as separate entities, despite sharing identical resemblances to each other.
  • A speculation claims that this boss is responsible for the creations of the Izziworld Spitters, although this remains untrue.
  • As hinted in the room after the second puzzle at the Inside, Wonald Izzi is one of many replicas.