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The Wise Stone Head is an interactable animate object that can be found in one of the sidehalls of The Grand Hall, located in The Mansion. Based on its dialogues, it may be a possible reference to the Red Ogre Inn's ogre head in Topple Town. In appearance, the Wise Stone Head is simply a head made out of stone replicating the head of an Ogre, although the nose appears to be made out of blue stones.

List of Dialogues

  • "Sleep lightly."
  • "And thank you."
  • "I am trapped."
  • "Do not worry."
  • "A visitor. How long you will stay, goodness knows."


  • Its other counterparts are the Old Stone Head and the Lost Stone Head.
  • The Wise Stone Head’s dialogue sound effect is one of the loudest and most irritating in Fantastic Frontier. Other NPCs on this list are the Old Stone Head, the Lost Stone Head, and No-Legs.