This guide is part of Wiki Editing Guide, at Novice difficulty.


Most articles on the wiki are about in-game items or locations. These articles follow a common style that includes infoboxes. Make sure to check out the link to get an understanding of infoboxes in general.

Step 1


In the article, insert a new infobox.

Step 2

The wiki offers a lot of various infoboxes, which serve different purposes.

If your article is about... Then use this infobox
An item Item Infobox V2
A harvestable Harvestable Infobox
A piece of equipment Armor Infobox V2
A weapon Weapon Infobox
A vendor Vendor Template
A location Location Infobox V2
An enemy Monster Infobox V2

If none of the above cases fits your situation, or the suggested infobox from above table does not fit your needs, consider looking for an alternative infobox or take contact to the Wiki Staff team to discuss if a new type of infobox should be created.


Select the proper infobox for your situation, as shown in the example above.

Step 3

You now need to fill out fields for the infobox you've inserted.


The above image shows the fields of a Weapon Infobox. The red arrow points at a button where you can specify an image to be used in infoboxes that uses an image. Click the blue button to select an existing image from the wiki, or upload a new image.

After setting up all the fields, Apply changes and verify that the infobox looks as intended.


If you're unsure about your results, try ask a Wiki Staff member before saving your changes to get some feedback. Make sure that infoboxes are located just below the first heading in the article, on the right side of the article content.

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