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A Spoiler Seciton is a custom template used to create sections of content that is initially hidden from the reader. As the name implies, the content in a spoiler section is hidden because it is intended as a surprise by the developers of the game and not at the moment widely known in the community, and readers are accordingly warned that content in a spoiler section removes the surprise of discovering this content as intended.

Step 1

InsertTemplateIn the article, insert a new


InsertSpoilerSectionTemplateSelect the SpoilerSection template to insert.

Step 2


Set the fields of the SpoilerSection template. The above screenshot gives you an idea of what the fields should be set as. We advice you to set the Header field to This section contains spoilers, without a final punctation - the template adds that automatically.

Step 3


After setting the fields of the SpoilerSection template, apply the changes and verify that the result is as intended.


Here you can see an example of a Spoiler Section.
This is an example of a Spoiler Section This section contains spoilers. Proceed with caution!
This is an example of a Spoiler Section. The content can include source code to style the contents of the Spoiler Section.


  • You can use any existing wiki functionality, such as images, text styling etc. inside of a spoiler section's content.
  • The header text of the spoiler section does not support formatting.
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