This guide is part of Wiki Editing Guide, at Novice difficulty.


Understanding the correct way to layout an article is essential for good wiki editing. Knowing where to place things and how is very important if you want your information to be clear and concise. Having every article have a different layout can become confusing and messy. This guide will explain how to navigate the making of a good layout article. Now there are many different kinds of articles with that need different layouts. Such as the list of all armor or harvestable. However, we will be going through the most basic one which is the most used.  While going through this guide we will be going through step by step how to make an Article. However, that is not the focus. The focus is on what way we put the information so that it makes sense and has a purpose. A well-made layout creates a well-made Article.

You can find examples of well-established layouts used in the following articles: Strangeman's Mask, Angel Wings, and Blueman.

Making a layout

Step 1

Open up edit mode for the article, Start with a summary. Make sure that it is listed as a Heading. If you are working with mobs note know "alias" as that is important. Otherwise, the next thing that should be listed is the description of the "item". It's good to list Name, Location, ways to obtain, price and other important info.

It is important to make this information concise and understandable. There is no need to make it lengthy or difficult to follow along.

Step 2

Next list appearance of the "item" again it's important to be on target however don't take more than a few sentences to send our the observation.

Step 3 Before you go any further it's good to add in your Infobox. As you will be using the data for your next step. Please read "This Thingy" for further instructions. When using an Infobox it's important to use the correct one.

Step 4

Now one of the most important parts of your article will be explaining the information that is in the infobox. Try to summarize the information in a few lines. Some things don't need to be explained such as what is armor or what is magic damage. However, some items such as RoadBlocks Set where it says "3+ of everything. It would be good to clarify what that means.

Step 5

You will now be placing Trivia on the bottom as it is not very important. Make sure it's listed as Sub-heading 1 to be uniform. after that place the Gallery below. Gallery will have the same Sub-heading 1. Please follow "This Thing" for more information regarding pictures.

It's very important to note that the image cannot be too big or too small.

You've now learned how to layout to better improve the presentation of large amounts of information on articles.
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