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Some articles on the wiki, such as articles about locations, often contain the audio found in that location. Being able to listen to the audio while browsing an article makes a better experience, as the audio is also part of the content that is included in that article.

There are multiple ways to get an audio source onto an article, but most have certain drawbacks. As of writing this guide, you can add in audio on articles in the following ways. Some of the pros/cons might be a little technical, but are not required knowledge to proceed with this guide.

Method Pros Cons
Embedding a Youtube video
  • Support for most devices / browsers.
  • Support for video speed, timeline, volume and general play/pause/stop.
  • Consistent to use.
  • Readers will first need to open the Youtube video as a modal.
  • Readers cannot read through the article while the modal blocks their view.
  • Forced video graphics, which causes more bandwidth usage for mobile devices and metered connections.
  • Only support for Youtube videos, not including other audio websites.
Embedding Spotify or SoundCloud - Work in progress - Work in progress
Linking to an external 3rd party website which has the audio
  • Not all audio can be found on Youtube. This method allows for a broader range of audio websites.
  • Readers are redirected to another website entirely, which stops their focus from reading.
  • Possible lack of control, such as missing timeline, volume, pause/stop or video speed etc.
  • Inconsistent to use various 3rd party websites. Readers will be confused if they have to learn how to use different websites instead of 1 solution.
Directly using an audio source hosted on the wiki
  • Minimal dependencies needed.
  • Support for timeline, volume and general play/pause/stop.
  • Readers can stay on the article without interruptions.
  • Browsers / devices have different native display of audio on websites, so this solution is inconsistent to use.
  • Limited to 1 type of audio format, with no fallback mechanism.
  • Native audio display is hidden behind a button by default, which causes an initial interaction to get information on the audio source.
Using the specially made AudioPlayer widget
  • Consistent to use across different browsers/devices.
  • Minimal dependencies needed.
  • Support for multiple audio formats with fallback mechanism.
  • Support for timeline, volume and general play/pause/stop.
  • Readers can stay on the article without interruptions.

- Work in progress

  • Limited to the types of audio formats allowed to be uploaded to the wiki.

- Work in progress

From the above table, we can conclude that using the specifically made AudioPlayer has the most benefits to us, and is the recommended way of adding audio to articles on the wiki.

Adding an Audio Player

Work in progress