Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki


This article is a guide on how to use content made specifically on the Fantastic Frontier - Roblox Wiki, with the intent of helping new and veteran Wiki Contributors in utilizing the tools available to create articles on the wiki that gives the best experience for readers. The content below can be used to quickly give an overview of a large amount of in-game items, embed an audio source on an article, to allow readers to keep progress on quests/itempedias, and much more.

Thanks to everyone who helps creating and distributing the information of Fantastic Frontier in the best possible way.


The following sub-sections are for you who have just started learning about editing articles on the wiki, and know about editing fields on templates. Only knowing about the wiki is sufficient in this section.

Sub-sections for Using images, Popout sections, How to layout will be added later.

Using infoboxes

Learn how to insert infoboxes into articles, and find the right infoboxes suited to your type of article.

Spoiler Sections

Learn about Spoiler Sections and how you can insert them into an article.

Using Templates

Learn how to choose and utilize the correct page templates when creating a page.


The following sub-sections are for more intermediate Wiki Contributors, and requires a fair understanding of using templates, external services such as Youtube and APM Music for some part, and for people who have an understanding of the Source Editor mode.

Sub-sections for Grid Tables, Audio Player, Item Tooltips, Data-based Item Tooltips, Checklist tables, Tabbers / small tabbers and URL linking in item tooltips will be added later.

Grid tables

Learn how to visualize large amounts of items to give a better overview, and all of the extra features that Grid tables supports.


The following sub-sections is a guide to the most complex of content tailored the wiki. This includes working with the interactive minimap, and as such, you need to know about JSON. This section are for Content Moderators with a good understanding of how the wiki works, as well as being able to maintain and fix syntax of content precisely.

No sub-sections are currently available.
Sub-sections for Interactive Minimap will be added later.