The Whapper Sword is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Reus the Smith in Topple Town at a price of 555,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring a Whapper Sword includes but not limited to: 

  • Killing a Black Bear as a rare drop from the mob. 
  • Killing a Brown Bear as a rare drop from the mob. 
  • Killing a Whapper as a rare drop from the mob. 

According to its description, it is described as a peculiar greatsword from dimensions afar. It has an irregular-shaped navy-blue handle with two brown grips at the bottom of its handle. A cubic tip with purple cubes can be seen on the tip of the blade, correlating to the theme of the Otherworld Dimension.

When equipped, its stamina consumption is supposedly similar to that of other greatswords that can be acquired in the Frontier. Its attack time is considered fast, making it slightly better than other greatswords, specifically the ones directed towards mid-game players.

The special ability of the Whapper Sword is titled 'Magic Smash', which, upon activation, allows the wielder to slam its greatsword in front of themselves, hitting any opponents affected by the AOE effect of the special ability.


  • The Whapper Sword is the main weapon of a Whapper.
  • The Whapper Sword originates from a different dimension outside of the Frontier's world.
  • The Whapper Sword can be seen on one of the shelves in the Red Ogre Inn at Topple Town.


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