The Western-style Portabatos is a 'monster drop' and a consumable that was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It is one of the many collectibles that are needed by the players in order to complete the entries of the Itempedia of the Nightmare. Valid ways of acquiring the Western-style Portabatos include the following:

  • A possible drop from the Goons.
  • A possible serving served from The Deli's waits.


As its description implies, it is composed mostly of roasted Portabato Mushrooms coming from the Western areas of the Frontier's world. 5 Portabato Mushrooms can be seen in the wooden dish.

The Western-style Portabatos can be consumed by the players to restore 300 HP back to the players' health pools. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 3,000 gold.


  • The Western-style Portabatos' placeholder name during the development of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update was titled 'Western-style Portabos'.
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