• Alias: Weeping Turret, Turret, Turretworm, Poor Man's Turret, Weeping Man's Turret

The Weeping Turret shares similar appearances to that of the Spitters of the Frontier, except being smaller in size and its purpose to serve as a distraction. It is seen in the 40th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Poor Man Weeps, serving as an entity summoned by the Weeping Man that will distract and annoy the players as they try to fight against the floor's current enemies.


There is only one attack the Weeping Turret can perform:

  • Fireball - The turret will begin to spit out a projectile of molten fire at the player's current position. If there is more than one player, they will target the closest player to it.


Flight and/or jump-boosting equipment would give an upper advantage to players in order to dodge the attacks of the Weeping Turret.

  • Solo - it is advised for them to move away from it, giving them more time and distance to react quickly and accordingly. The player also has the option to kill it, although they may be harmed by the attacks of the Weeping Man in the process of doing so.
  • Multiplayer - It is advised for at least one person to distract the turret away from the other players while the other players fight against the main boss, the Weeping Man.


  • Only one Weeping Turret can be summoned at a time.
  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • They can spawn at any platforms in any corners at any moment.
  • They serve as a distraction to the players by shooting projectiles of flames at the players' current positions.
  • It is one of the few summoned entities that are summoned by a boss, the other one being the Magma Spitter.
  • The reason why it is nicknamed the "Weeping Turret" is that it originates from the main boss of the 40th floor, known as the Weeping Man or the Poor Man to some players.
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