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(Item/NPC Name here bolded) is a (Item Type/Class here) that can be acquired in (World Name here). It can be found from various sources and locations throughout (World Name here) including but not limited to:

  • Purchasing it from (Source A Name here) for (Source A Price here) gold.
  • A (Source B Drop Percentage here) chance drop from (Source B Name here).
  • A (Drop Rarity Descriptor) (Source C Drop Percentage here) chance reward from (Source C Name here)."


In appearance, the (Item/NPC Name here) (Appearance Description here).

The left-click attack of the (Item/NPC Name here) consumes (Stamina Stat Value here) stamina per (Attack Method Descriptor here) and deals (Damage Stat Number with Class Damage Intake Percentage here).

(1) The special attack of (Item/NPC Name here) is called (Special Attack Name here), which, upon activation, (Attack Description here), dealing (Attack Damage Stat Number here). (Special Attack Name here) uses (Stamina Stat Value here) stamina and the cooldown lasts for (Special Attack Cooldown Length here) seconds before it can be used again.


  • (Trivia A here)

If Else Descriptor(s)

(1) If the weapon has a special attack, leave the third paragraph on the Appearance/Usages section in. If not, remove the third paragraph and insert "This weapon does not have a special attack." to the end of the previous paragraph.