Warning Willy is one of the many inhabitants located in the sanctuary, Topple Town. His main role is to warn the players about a specific thing, specifically the recent events that occurred on the Frontier. Similar to Warning William, Warning Willy will warn the players about the Otherworld Tower, as well as implying that the player should run for the hills after they interact with the NPC for the second time.

Warning Willy, as implied by its title and name, warn the players about a particular topic, in this case, Warning Willy will be seen exclaiming that the players should run for the hills. The name Willy possibly derives from the meanings of "resolute protector; will" to indicate that the players will be resolute while facing the otherworldly mobs that were introduced in the Frontier.

Since the arrival of the Spring Update, Warning Willy is now relocated on top of Topple Tower in Topple Town.

List of Dialogues


  • "Are you new to this world?"
    1. "Yes"
      • "Then let me give you a word of advice..."
      • "Up this hill in the town square there is a fat raccoon with a pot of gold. You bring him something - just about anything - he'll pay you gold for it."
      • "And if you see a monster..."
    2. "No"
      • "Wowee, we've got an experienced player on our hands here."
      • "Since you're so experienced and all maybe you'd like a challenge or something like that? Now this is one time thing, but if you're up for it I could warp you to the Otherworld Tower if you'd like..."
      • "But I'm not sure you could really handle it in all honesty... Hey! The choice is yours now."
        • "I can handle it, take me there."
          • "Well well... Your wish is my command!"
        • "I'd rather not."
          • "Smart. It's a dangerous world."

After Warning



  • Warning Willy is bigger and taller in terms of size and height while comparing the NPC to Warning William.
  • Warning Willy was introduced during the Otherworld Update.
  • When Interacted with as of the Spring Update, Warning Willy will play the attack sound of the Hunter from Left 4 Dead 2.


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