Warning William is one of the many inhabitants located in the sanctuary, The Town of Right and Wrong. His main role is to warn the players about a specific thing, especially the recent events that occurred on the Frontier. Similar to Warning Willy, Warning William will warn the players about the Otherworld Tower and what lies beyond in this particular place.

Warning William, as implied by its title and name, warn the players about a particular topic, in this case, it is the Otherworld Tower. The name William possibly derives from the meanings of "determined protector" and "strong helmet" to indicate that the players will be the determined protectors of the Frontier and to stay strong to fend off the monsters and the boss in the dungeon.

List of Dialogues

  • "Yes! It's true! The Otherworld Tower is here!"
  • "Monsters far greater than those of this world lie beyond these very doors!"
    1. "How does the Tower work?"
      • "50 floors! 50 fights! A challenge to get to the top for up to 4 players!"
      • "When you enter you'll get 3 lives. Use them up and you're finished! Back to the bottom!"
      • "You'll earn loot and reach a safe spot every 5 levels. The higher the floor the better the loot!"
      • "When you reach a safe spot you will have the option to leave and keep the loot you've earned so far. Just exit through the side door and you'll find your loot in this here chest."
      • "But if you press your luck and run out of lives outside the safe spots you will lose everything you've earned from that run! Plus whatever unprotected items you brought in!"
      • "Now, heed my warning, adventurer, the higher floors of this Tower are not meant for mortals like you and I..."
      • "They are monsters like none other...Monsters of unimaginable power...if you get your treasure, get out while you can!"
      • "Lest you end the rest of them..."
    2. "I want to challenge the Tower!"
      • "If you must, head through this door and your challenge will greet you."
      • "But adventurer, this tower is not for the likes of us..."
      • "It is for the most powerful of all beings, a battlegrounds of unstoppable foes!"
      • "If you must...If you really must go...Leave early and know your limits."
      • "I'm warning you adventurer! You won't make it past floor 12!"
    3. "Leave"


  • Warning William is shorter than Warning Willy in terms of size and height.
  • Warning William is often confused with Warning Willy, its other counterpart.
  • The NPC was introduced during the Otherworld Update.
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