Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Walkers are hostile creatures that can be found in the Frontier. They are notably found on The Far Coast, patrolling the coastlines and can sometimes be found in A Frontier Of Dragons. On death it emits a very loud sound that may be able to be heard across the frontier. They are often compared with the Forest Walker.


In appearance, they are bizarre creatures that look similar to that of an arachnid. It has there pairs of legs to move around with, as well as a pair of red mandibles on all 3 of it's glowing "heads" attached to their striped necks. Its main colors are red and a tint of red-white-brownish shade.


Head Plunge: The Walker uses two of its red mandibles and attempts to plunge them into the player's head while attempting to plunge one of its other red mandibles plunge into another player's head behind it if there one.

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