The Waiting Room is an area introduced in the 1.22 update of Fantastic Frontier that can be accessed through The Vault after fulfilling the necessary Rat Token quota and collecting both Light and Dark Marbles. The Waiting Room consists of two rows of chairs lining the walls, two windows, and a gateway into the Nightmare Dungeon lit by two torches. The Frog (Vendor) is perched on top of one of the left-side chairs, and the Nightmare Rewards box is sat upon a chair on the right close to the door.

Beginning the Dungeon

Upon interacting with the gateway, a countdown will appear at the top of the screen, notifying other players to "Sit down to join!" If other players sit down in the chairs during the time allotted, they and the person initiating the event will teleport into the Nightmare Dungeon. Note the person who initiates the event does not have to sit down to get teleported. If others are already fighting in the Dungeon, a message "Someone is already fighting!" will appear at the top of the HUD and the player will be denied access until the others inside perish or complete the Dungeon.


  • The countdown timer's tick rate is based on the server's ping, so it may take quite long to count down the ten "seconds" it takes to begin the dungeon.
  • There was a bug that made the "Someone is already fighting!" message take much longer to decay. This was fixed shortly after the update released.
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