The Von Jerry's Hat of Illusion is a standalone armor piece that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from the Strangeman at a price of 6,500,000 gold but is sold at a cheaper price of 6,200,000 gold from the Clothing Seller and Vhitmire.

It is also possible to obtain it as a possible reward from the Otherworld Tower, Firefly Quest or a possible gift from the Otherworld Present.

The Von Jerry's Hat of Illusion is only effective with the magic damage type as it is strictly an armor piece that boosts the magic damage by 88 points. Ranged users and melee users will not be benefitted from this if they do have any magic-based weapons as one of their equipment. Mixed/hybrid users may have some benefits if they do have a magic-based weapon in their inventory.

In appearance, the Von Jerry's Hat of Illusion is a large, purple hat that has different shades of purple, usually associated with the void. In the center of the front side of the hat is a yellow, glowing cube. According to its description, it is once the hat of the profaned funny-man, Von Jerry the Giant. The word profaned means to treat one with disrespect, meaning that the "Von Jerry the Giant" is someone who was disliked among the inhabitants.


  • This hat was previously owned by Von Jerry the Giant, assuming the giant is deceased, lost the hat, or is not currently found on the Frontier.
  • Wearing the Von Jerry's Hat of Illusion will not make you funny.


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