The Vital Pendant is a wearable neck equipment that can be purchased from Amy Thistlewitch at Blackrock Mountain, located inside the building near Blackrock Pond.

A hardy, red pendant, it glows with a warm energy, implied by its description. The color red possibly represents the color of hearts or health, which is suitable for the Vital Pendant's effect. It is made out of some sort of black material, The red part of the Vital Pendant is possibly a unique, red crystal, allowing the Vital Pendant to produce the glow of warm energies.

The necklace can grant the players HP Regen by 1% of their max health, allowing the player to regenerate HP every second. This is currently the most expensive neck equipment that players can purchase from the Frontier.


  • With the full romo set, the total amount of regen a player can have is 10.
  • The concept of regeneration works like this :

Regeneration heals the player based on their max health. 1 regen heals 1% of a player's max health per second.

1 regen = 1% health per second

2 regen = 2% health per second


Regen gets more powerful the more guardian spirits the player exhanges gold for health with.

200 health at 1 regen = 2 health per second

400 health at 1 regen = 4 health per second

600 health at 10 regen = 60 health per second.

  • The Vital Pendant is very valuable for tank setups.
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