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    Wiki x Devs Discussion

    January 20, 2019 by Kennethlon14

    A blog post where you get to see what I ask/discuss with Spectrabox. Mainly Spectrabox.

    • All of the exploiters that include but are not limited to:
      • AaronsEmeralds
      • aquilance123
      • explante
      • Fazegues_t
      • GodlyTheCommie
      • iiEatAasii
      • kazakisquad
      • LostAFforAname
      • MegabloxCDC
      • Megaldon66
      • mikhailcute
      • Necr0Mancer_V2
      • NovaVen
      • robiox4567894
      • SH4D3MK3R
      • SmokYTpErFeCt
      • thedragon17810
      • TrueZeddy
      • vasilyzaytsevrussian
      • wooweaz12
      • xb9112
      • xxxxsniparsxxx4

    • Reward table of The Deli's minigame

    • "Are players supposed to be able to consume fishes with bonus statistics if they are not injured whatsoever?"
    • "Is it supposedly possible to get a Rusty Trophy from the Green Golem?"
    • "Is the Guttermouth Set really that rare from the Rising Waters?"
    • "The Flying Clown's projectile attacks are intended to drop things?"
    • "W…

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    Hi, this is a checklist where I cross out things and do stuff on the wiki, yayayayaya. If you want to suggest something, comment on the blog post. For those who are content moderators and happens to be reading this, yes, you can do whatever is on the list. Just inform me.

    Things that are categorized under the Time-Consuming Contributions heading aren't necessarily time-consuming, it's just things that require a large amount of effort and time to do so. It may also be things where things are being merged together into one article, transferring into another article, and/or happens to be a subject of importance that needs a lot of research.

    • Create an article about the Itempedia; acting as a factual-based article, as well as a tip guide.

    • Combine …

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    These are the most frequently asked questions and answers that are typically directed towards the wiki, while also sometimes discussing things outside of the Fantastic Frontier's wiki, like the Fantastic Frontier's ROBLOX group, Discord server, or the game itself.

    • Are the administrators and moderators of the Fantastic Frontier's Discord server in-game admins for Fantastic Frontier?
    • No.
    • I was banned from the server for absolutely no reason, could you unban me?
    • All bans have a reason attached to it and on most occasions, there are no reasons attached to the specific ban. However, the most common reasons for a ban include but not limited to:
      • Violation of a rule
      • Posting NSFW content
      • Spamming channels/flooding
      • Advertisement
      • Backlashing on the moderation…

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    May 15, 2018 by Kennethlon14

    A place to host polls that will be shared among the community of Fantastic Frontier.

    Polls will be held whenever, but typically occurs on Monday or Tuesdays.

    Official start date of the creation of polls is May 16, 2018 at around 7:27 PM EST.

    Poll #1

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    This will list and discuss all, if not, most of the suggestions that were suggested by the community of Fantastic Frontier. Some of them seem very controversial and debatable, while others can easily slide into the positive side of the majority's votes. This is to preserve more pins in the FF's Discord server, specifically in the #game-suggestions, allowing more suggestions to be pinned on the server every now and then. Suggestions that are highlighted in bold are considered to be suggestions that can be seen in-game.

    All of the known listed suggestions that are considered to be very controversial and debatable.

    • Trading

    All of the known listed suggestions that are not necessarily bad ideas, but they are not good ideas either. This may also in…

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