Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki

Hello! This is the place where I put my maps, write down what I need to do etc. If you would like for me to make a map about something, comment it and link me to the page of what you want me to add!


  • Grateful Frog Locations Map
  • Rising Star Mushroom Locations Map
  • Otherworld Present Locations Map
  • Object From Earth
  • RH spawns


High Priority

  • Strangeman Spawns

Going to Do

Rare Monsters

    • Otherworldly Knight
    • Inspector
    • Two-Eyed Monstrosity
    • Green Ghost
    • Purple Ogre
    • Esteemed Gumbo
    • Golden Spore Mole
    • Blueman's Chieftan
    • Rat Boy


    • Iron Knight
    • Cobalt Knight
    • Titanium Knight
    • Gold Knight
    • Onyx Knight


    • Pine Giant
    • Blackrock Giant
    • Coral Giant
    • Golem
  • Interdimensional Traveller
  • Gorbacabbage
  • Lool Flower
  • Fife Flower

In the future

  • Glow Bird
  • Forgotten Bird


Map of Grateful Frog Locations

Map of Rising Star Mushroom Locations

Map of (most) Otherworld Present locations

Map of The Object From Earth Locations

Map of most known Rabbit Hole Spawn locations