aka Void Silo MKXVII

  • I live in The Void
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Item Merchant
  • I am an Attack Helicopter

Hello there, I'm Voidsealer and am a normal person who is mildly addicted to Fantastic Frontier. I'm on the wiki to contribute whatever I see needs it, and started the groundwork for the Flying Clown page which is now completed as well as starting the Nightmare Rewards page. I'm currently an endgame ranger and have been playing Fantastic Frontier since before the Otherworld Update was released. Despite people telling me it's trash I've been making steps of switching to magic because I like playing off meta things.


If you want to contact me my Discord is the same as my username here, so just @ me in the Fantastic Frontier discord and I'll see it eventually.

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