I'm a person that exists. I still play roblox in (current year). Heres a tier list thing. Maybe more in the future. Items on the top are the higher tiered ones, and items on the left are the higher ranked ones.

Amulets (v1.21)


My first tier list so far, this one being about amulets, necklaces, and other neck thingies on a string. Easy to make since almost all of them are not made for any specific class. A more detailed list can be found below.

  • Green Crystal Amulet is a very underrated amulet that works really well with any build. The +3 movement speed may not seem like much, but when combined with the commonly used Spider Stilts, you are able to reach a very nice 10 movement speed. This is enough to be able to outsprint a lot of the mobs you can find throughout the game, and makes the Otherworld Tower way easier.
  • Tricolor Necklace is a +25 to all damage. Simple, yet effective.
  • Vital Pendant regenerates 1% of your maxinum health per second. A very useful stat to have, but it only really shines when paired with high defense or more health regeneration, making it only A tier.
  • Blue Eye Amulet is a slightly weaker version of the Tricolor Necklace that only affects ranged damage, as well as having +20 sight range. Along with the next entry, this amulet is decent, but not worth buying. Pray for it to drop instead.
  • Peapod Necklace is not really that great. +1 movement speed and +20 jump power are nice mobility options, but better options exist for movement speed and generally spider stilts give enough of a jump boost already. Also I guess you can use a door. That's neat.
  • Shattered Blade Necklace seems like a good item on paper, but in reality, it isn't. While worn, taking a hit causes nearby enemies to take damage (with a short cooldown). The problem is that the damage enemies take is the damage you got hit for, which is usually very low. Rarely can this thing put out a meaningful amount of damage, and when it does, it's not worth losing a good portion of your health for.
  • The Seer's Pendants are bottom tier as they do not affect combat in any meaningful way. Seer's Pendant II is still a useful vanity option though.
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