I'm a random person who likes playing Roblox and talking to friends. I would describe myself as an above average person who loves and believes in Jesus and likes to help out others when they are in need. I encourage people to work hard and believe. God created us in his image. Don't change it.

About Me

  • I exist
  • I like technology
  • I like playing on my computer
  • I like watching YouTube
  • I like memes 👌
  • I believe in Jesus
  • I know how to breathe
  • I have genetic diseases such as asthma or allergies.
  • I wear glasses
  • I celebrate events
  • I have consoles such as the switch or a PS4
  • Other than Roblox, I like to play Zelda too.
  • I drink water
  • I play Minecraft sometimes
  • I like random theories
  • idk whut to add anymore
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