Hello everyone, I am Lintargo (Lin for short) I am an accomplished gamer and maker, though none of my ideas or creations are public, I am working on many things. I enjoy to keep my real information private, to keep everyone guessing and to also keep the mystery of who I am, not much to say, but I will provide some information, but not a lot.

and why are you wasting your life reading this? I am legit just typing all this to make everyone die from reading, just leave this page already...

My Wiki style

  • I tend to try and fix anything I find wrong, and will always hunt for new info and references

Hobbies and stuff in real life

  • loves drawings, art, music, and any kind of mystery, also video games
  • hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping, doing above items ^, trying to learn every fricking thing in the whole world (math, reading, medical stuff, woodcraft, ect.) and playing with my animals heh
  • has pure hatred of people who try to act all cocky and think they know everything (annoys me/ annoys ego, RIP ego)
  • has overall enjoyment of making new friends and learning about how everyone interacts

    I love the legend of the Mothman, so here is some art I found! (Please note: I do not own this, if the owner of this drawing says to put it down, I will.)

  • loves the Mothman myth
  • Likes finding out new things

That's all, find out the rest for yourself, bye now

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