Ello there~! My name is Kenneth Lon and I am one of the many wiki contributors in the Fantastic Frontier: Roblox Wikia. My current position is serving as one of the few administrators and bureaucrats of the wiki, as well as serving as a chat moderator, discussion moderator, and content moderator.

On most occasions, I will inspect and check on the wiki to see the activities of the wiki. For example:

  • Anything relating to the creation/implementations of something added onto the wiki
  • Anything relating to editing/changing of something that is currently on the wiki
  • Anything relating to the removal of something that was previously on the wiki
  • Activities of current content moderators and other FANDOM users that 'contribute' to the wiki


Most of the questions & answers take place in the Guidelines section of the Fantastic Frontier's wiki. See more information by clicking on this: Guidelines.

Contact Info

If you would like to contact me, there are many ways:

  • Discord
    • If you want to contact me on Discord, please make sure you are in the Fantastic Frontier's Discord server. Link can be found on the main page of the wiki. From there, you can message me on the server (identified as Wiki's Flower). You may also contact me via messaging the user Kenneth/Kristina#0536.
    • If you want to contact me on ROBLOX, you can either do this in two ways:
      • Direct message towards the user "kennethlon14"
      • Join the Fantastic Frontier's ROBLOX group, look in category Rank Managers, and find the user "kennethlon14"

About Me

  • I am currently the founder of the Lab Experiment: Roblox Wiki.
  • You can address me as one of the many approved names/nicknames:
    • Andrew
    • Cantina
    • Kentina, Kenneth, Kantina, Ken, Kenny, Ken-Ken, Krackers
    • Wiki's Flower
  • I am one of the oldest active veterans of the Fantastic Frontier's community.

Blog Posts

These are blog posts that I check more often than other blog posts that I have made:

  • Polls - If you're interested in voting, participate in the polls~ Although, I won't frequently update it unless a new update hits or something along the lines of that.
  • Frequently Asked Q&As - Have a question about something relating to Fantastic Frontier, either referring to its group, Discord server, wiki, and/or the game itself? Check here if your question is in here and see if you are able to acquire an answer.
  • Kennethlon14's Checklist - Have something that you want the wiki to do? Comment here so that the wiki staff won't complain. uwu
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