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Checklist of notable items for FF completionists

Currently in my wikia sandbox. Last update includes content up to the introduction of the Matumada island. Your checked content stays checked when you re-visit the page, if you do not clear your cookies.

Please note that not all listed items are rare, but none of them can be bought with gold except the few in the first category.

FF Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon Rewards Simulator 2.0

A simulation that can do two things: generate you a random reward for completing Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon, and simulate profits over 5000 hours. It takes for input the time it takes for completing it without watches, the time it takes for completing it with watches, and the number of people in your party.

It is an improved model from the previous Circus simulator because it does not make assumptions on Circus Watch availability, supports parties of multiple people, and is more flexible in testing different scenarios. See Dermii's Technical Guide to Everything for comparison with other farming methods.

Instructions of usage are on the Google Colab notebook page.

List of items kept on death

List of items dropped on death

Fantastic Frontier used to drop all your inventory on death, with a few exceptions. Since the Ratboy's Nightmare update, it wasn't as obvious anymore which items drop and which don't. For example, an Onyx Scimitar would stay while a Salamander would drop. One rule without exceptions is that any equippable item with a selling price of =>25k will not drop on death.

Ordered by ID ascending. Includes debug items.

One-time items that can be lost:

Fantastic Frontier Item Spreadsheet

An extension from the previous two lists, this spreadsheet has data on all Fantastic Frontier items, containing: internal IDs, names, roblox icon asset IDs, descriptions, sell prices, stackability, death drop potential, and item slots.

07 May 2020: Stats added. May differ from description (e.g. Frog Costumes' hidden Jump Boost)
16 May 2020: Effects such as light and particle emission added.
23 May 2020: Mass of clothing items added. Colour-coded 'heavy' items on a new tab (1-5: yellow; 5+: red)
27 May 2020: Recipes added preemptively on a new tab, anticipating update-related additions
21 June 2020: 'Recipes' tab renamed to 'Exchanges' and now includes Slayer's Tasks, Giant Toad's Tasks, and Gargoyle's Deals.
22 June 2020: Additional stats added: Fish Reel Time Multiplier, HP/Energy restoration. Additional effects added: Fish catch sounds. All masses added. Equippable -> Category, now including food.

First tab ordered by ID ascending. Includes debug items.
Second tab ordered by equipment category (excluding tools).

Last updated June 21, 2020.

Item Description Stats Discrepancies

A list of discrepancies between stats stated in item descriptions and their effective values. Up to date as of the Spring Update.

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