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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Wiki Phoenix
  • I am Male
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== Greetings ==
Yare yare daze...
=== Names ===
You can find me through the following names:
* Roblox - Cliffblight
* Discord - Cliffblight#9150
* Steam - Cliffblight
* I think you get the idea
=== About Me ===
* I'm not alive
* I like to play with my poop.
* I may or may not be a gay person.
* My siblings tend to call me "gay."
* Me low brain.
* I eat people.
* My profile picture is a Magician's Red from jojo bizarre adventure if you can't tell.
* '''I have a profile picture.'''
* I love it when people use gay as an insult/derogatory term.
* The Frail Wooden Sword is my favorite weapon (I'm serious).
* I died.
* I let people edit my profile.
* I love the Minion.
* Jojo is a bad anime

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