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Best in Slot Equipment


  • Early - Darktoad Spellbook. DPS does not matter without endurance, so aim for raw damage. The special is good if close range becomes an option.
  • Early - Marksman's Rifle. Also a good choice if ranged is a priority. Bullets will dig into your profits a little, so be sure to invest in bonus damage as well.
  • Utility - Nature's Wrath Spellbook. Has a special that heals 300 health and deals damage based on missing health.
  • Ranged - Guns. The overall performance of a gun is proportional to its price. Purchase with discretion, but don't use any gun early on.
  • Melee - Red Power Fists. Never use melee in the early game, but get these with any late-game armor.


  • Early - None. Don't waste your money, you'll die anyway.
  • Mid Offense - Gardendweller Armor. Has a paltry 22.5% damage reduction, but makes up for it with the raw power and a ludicdously small price tag.
  • Mid Defense - Guardian Armor. Excellent for staying alive in the midgame as it is the first set in the progression path to have max defense.
  • Late Offense - Forgotten Life Armor. The highest standard for any DPS build because of the endurance, damage, and defense.
  • Late Defense - Romo Armor. Makes you virtually unkillable due to the armor and insane regeneration.


  • Early - Jump Boots. Cheap for the much needed benefit of jumping higher.
  • Mobility - Spider Stilts. They greatly increase movement as well as allowing for high jumps.
  • Power - Guardian Boots. They grant bonus damage and very high armor for a good tank or DPS build.


  • Filler - Seer's Pendant I. Very cheap, and provides a nice sight benefit.
  • The option of speed, damage, or survivability presents itself later on. Will you use the Green Crystal Amulet, Tri-Color Necklace, or Vital Pendant?


  • Mobility - Angel Wings. Enables midair flight, enough said. Be wary as stamina is spend when flying.
  • DPS - Take any of the three options related to the combat styles.
  • Versatility - Meeting Remnant. Grants bonus damage for all styles while also increasing movement speed and regeneration.


  • Early - Tough Green Ring. Very cheap for the useful benefit it provides - reducing stamina cost by 10% and effectively granting more attacks before the player runs out of stamina. You can easily get more out of this than you can with the Coral Ring.
  • DPS - Hightower Ring or Ring of Power. Each provide additional damage as well as other benefits that are relatively useful for taking out foes quickly.
  • Tank - Mud Ring. Provides a 4.5% damage reduction, which is a huge plus against foes who deal high damage. It enables for reaching the highest defense in the game.


  • Filler - Enchanted/Ranged Spectacles. They give you better sight and a little damage for a reasonable price.
  • Hybrid - Xenoculous or Brain Monocle, if you use two combat styles. The latter is BiS for magic damage and is nice for midgame. Both are BiS for ranged damage.
  • Melee - Gold Antlers. Has the best melee bonus.
  • Eco - Front Bullet Pack. Saves 50% of all expenses on ammo.

Ratboy Handgun Guide

Hello, this is official clown business, and this is the thirty-fourth episode of my Frontier weapon guide.

In this episode, we're covering the thirteenth and final weapon in the ranged category - the Ratboy Handgun.

It is unlocked once the player collects at least half of the Nightmare collectibles and either purchases it outright with 25 million gold, or acquires it as the rarest possible reward from the Circus boss.

Taking inspiration from real-world handguns such as the M1911, the Ratboy Handgun was manufactured by an ancient Ratboy civilization - formerly a bustling hub rife with technology, now an almost entirely extinct race, with the handgun serving as a relic of past times. While the M1911 is chambered in the powerful .45 ACP round, this pistol represents its strength with the stopping power of the ubiquitous Bullet it uses as ammunition, as well as its status as the first known incarnation of a self-loading firearm in the Fantastic Frontier's history.

In-game, the Ratboy Handgun's power is very high indeed. With a base damage of 500 at any range and a 100% usage of bonus Ranged damage, only the Gnome Rocket Launcher provides significant competition when it comes to raw strength. This also makes the handgun the most efficient weapon by far when it comes to the usage of its Bullets.

The special attack of the handgun, Divine Shot, conjures a bullet to fire a deadly shot at an elevated 675 damage - but any target with lower than a seventh of their health will be instantly killed in a single shot.

Rate of fire is very respectable for a ranged weapon of this caliber, capping out at roughly 80 rounds per minute, and stamina usage is simiarly low, spending about 2 per shot (or none when using Divine Shot). However, a savvy player might be able to take advantage of the action-canceling ability to elevate the firecap to almost double the amount, albeit at the cost of a significantly increased stamina consumption.

There are no movement penalties, recoil, or reloads to factor in with the Ratboy Handgun. You'll move at 100% of your current speed (whether walking or sprinting) while firing the handgun, and as with all other weapons, there is no magazine or clip to replenish after firing plenty of shots from the weapon.

Despite its appearance as a small firearm, potentially used for backup, the Ratboy Handgun is more than a match for even the strongest of weapons in the Frontier, and its many strengths allow it to go toe-to-toe with any boss - as expected for a weapon with such a steep price tag.

The handgun is a weapon that can handle anything thrown at it, and as such, it will work with virtually any equipment set. However, we will be focusing on using similarly expensive armor and accessories to fully expand on the potential of the weapon.

Of course, for armor, the choice is fairly obvious - you'll need additional damage as well as endurance to further sustain the stopping power of the handgun. To that end, we'll be making full use of the Forgotten Life armor set, with each piece providing an increase of 65 to all damage types and a 14% improvement to your endurance, as well as the level of armor needed to survive even the most brutal of attacks should the need arise.

In addition, you'll need equipment that increases your mobility in order to avoid taking heavy damage from stronger opponents. Consider the Spider Stilts or either pair of Wings for this, and elect the use of damage-increasing equipment in the opposite slot. Your choice of neck equipment is entirely based on personal preference.

The Hightower Ring is the obvious choice for your next accessory, granting 35 points of ranged damage and an extra 3 points of defense, but some players may find the Tough Green Ring an unconventional favorite for its 10% increase in endurance.

Miscellaneous equipment boils down to two choices - damage or financial gain. The Brain Monocle's 30 ranged damage will further add to the already high damage output of the handgun, but the Front Bullet Pack will preserve half of all Bullets fired, effectively halving their cost and allowing the player to have more gold on hand for future purchases.

The Ratboy Handgun is a devastating ranged weapon, replete with a startling lack of downsides. Few weapons can put rounds into the target as quickly and as effectively as the handgun, and it competes fiercely with the Gnome Rocket Launcher for having the most damage-per-second in the entire game. It is the perfect weapon for slaying boss monsters due to the specific design of the special ability. And, with no reload or slowdown in between shots, there's no chance the player will be left vulnerable in combat.

With a proper loadout that draws on the strengths of the handgun, its effectiveness will be preserved at any distance and in any situation, no matter who uses it.

While most bosses are ready to deal with players and pests alike, no one will ever expect a determined rat with a gun-

-and it'll prove to be more than just a mere rodent infestation.

Thank you very much for reading.

Join me next week, when I'll be covering the Honoring Blade.

Until then, farewell.

Stat Tables

Check out these stat tables below me. Rate is measured in attacks per second, and Damage, DPS, and Spec are based off the bonuses of 0, 100, and 300.

Spell Damage Rate DPS Range Effect Spec SRange
60 ➙130 ➙270 86 86 ➙186 ➙387 Long None 400 ➙1000 Long
65 ➙140 ➙290 75 81 ➙175 ➙362 Long Life Steal 1100 ➙2450 Short
100 ➙180 ➙340 100 167 ➙300 ➙567 Short Area 700 ➙1450 Long
64/240 ➙136/312 ➙280/456 80 / 24 85/96 ➙181/125 ➙373/182 Long Charge 700 ➙1712 Mid
Blade of the Throne.png
400/280 ➙500/380 ➙700/580 80 / 48 533/224 ➙667/304 ➙933/464 Melee Multi Hit Caster Form Long
Nature's Wrath Spellbook.png
100/50 ➙170/83 ➙310/149 86 143/71 ➙244/119 ➙444/214 Long None/ Slow 240 ➙vary Mid
90 ➙160 ➙300 80 120 ➙213 ➙400 Mid None 4000 ➙7000 Varies
Frontier Spellbook.png
140/205 ➙215/315 ➙365/535 80 187 ➙287 ➙487 Long None/ Area Wpn. Buff None
Ranged Ammo Damage Rate DPS Range Effect
Pellet Gun.png
5 ➙ 25 ➙ 65 40 3 ➙17 ➙43 Long None
Crossbow Bolts.png
30 ➙130 ➙330 48 24 ➙104 ➙264 Mid Bolt Drop
Actual Spiked Crossbow Bolts.png
60 ➙160 ➙360 48 48 ➙128 ➙288 Mid Bolt Drop
Spiked Crossbow Bolt.png
90 ➙190 ➙390 48 72 ➙152 ➙312 Mid Bolt Drop
Pipe Rifle.png
140 ➙240 ➙440 40 93 ➙160 ➙293 Long None
Hunter Rifle.png
200 ➙300 ➙500 40 133 ➙200 ➙333 Long None
Marksman Rifle.png
300 ➙400 ➙600 40 200 ➙267 ➙400 Long None
Gilded Rifle.png
430 ➙530 ➙730 40 287 ➙353 ➙487 Long None
Dragon King's Lance.png
Melee 375 ➙475 ➙675 60 375 ➙475 ➙675 Short Multi Hit
Funky Driftlander.png
Melee 80 ➙105 ➙175 100 133 ➙175 ➙292 Short Charge Attack
420 ➙520 ➙720 80 560 ➙693 ➙960 Short Area
210 ➙310 ➙510 180 630 ➙930 ➙1530 Long None
Frontier Stargun.png
260 ➙360 ➙560 180 780 ➙1080 ➙1680 Long Full Auto
720 200+ Insane Long Boom.
Salamander Attack Damage Damage per Second Special Damage
50➙110➙230 100➙220➙460 250 ➙ 550
100➙169➙307 200➙338➙614 600 ➙ 900
120➙192➙336 240➙384➙672 500 ➙ 800
120➙189➙327 240➙378➙654 600 ➙ 900