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Hello! I am an avid Fantastic Frontier player and I just recently started doing wiki stuff. On the Fantastic Frontier wiki I will be making maps of the rare/sought-after items/mobs of the frontier! I also might be doing other things on this wiki, it just depends if I feel like it or not.


  • Discord
    • To contact me on discord, first you must be in the Fantastic Frontier Discord Server (Link Located on that main page of the wiki). Then you can ping the user 1rubberducky2 under the #general channel and contact me however you need to. If you are having difficulties reaching me on the Discord, try to DM me by sending a message to Quack-Attack#5514. (just please don't spam ping me)

Blog Posts

Wiki To-Do list - Come here to see all the stuff I've made/see what I am planning to do or to suggest a new map/feature to add to my page.