The Twinkling Meadow is a large, wide meadow with little to no trees that borders Ancient Forest, Blackrock Mountain, Farm Fortress, Great Pine Forest, Greenhorn Grove, and Topple Hill. It was once a quiet, reserved area that players can sometimes, safely walk and venture to other areas surrounding it. After the introduction of the Otherworld Update, the Twinkling Meadow began to be infested by mobs that are attracted by the mysterious energies of the Otherworld Statue.

The word twinkling means to shine with a gleam that changes from bright to faint. This can be applied to the Twinkling Meadow as to how at first glance, it looks safe and quiet, but as soon as nighttime comes by, chaos is unleashed into the meadows. Another way to apply this meaning is how the Twinkling Meadow basks in the sunlight, but during the nighttime, it loses its bright vibes, becoming dimmer.

There are two major notable features of the Twinkling Meadow; the Otherworld Statue, an otherworldly statue that appeared suddenly during the Otherworld Update, and the wooden wheelbarrow found abandoned under a tree.

  1. The Otherworld Statue was a landmark introduced in the Otherworld Update and can be found near the cave opening of Topple Hill. This statue attracts hostile mobs during the nighttime, so it is best for the players to be cautious as they pass by it. Another noted detail is that there is a wooden chair right in front of the statue, facing towards it.
  1. The abandoned wooden wheelbarrow can be found near one of the trees along the pathways leading to Great Pine Forest. It is unclear why the wheelbarrow was abandoned, but it may have been possible that it was bringing goods from Farm Fortress to the Abandoned Orchard in the past.


  • The Interdimensional Traveler is the only other NPC that can be found here on some occasions.
  • Before the Otherworld Update, the following life forms thrive in this particular area:
    • Ancient Iron Knight, Blackbird, Blackrock Wolf, Bluenal, Bobber Mushroom, Croc Man, Deer, Dust Raptor, Ghost, Green Ghost, Ogre, Pearl Flower, Rat Dog, Rozier Flower, Strangeman's Flower
  • After the Otherworld Update, the following life forms thrive in this particular area:
    • Apple Bat, Black Ant, Blueman, Elephant Mushroom, Esteemed Gumbo, Inspector, Lava Munsk, Monstrosity, Lemon Flower, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Otherworldly Knight, Purple Ogre, Red Croc Man, Spurtle Mushroom, Tall Bear, Traveler Plant, Yellowman
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