This page is mainly centered on the tutorial basics when a beginner player first joins the game of Fantastic Frontier. Be aware that the following reasons that are listed are filled with bias/humor/etc. and some of these reasons are not meant to be taken seriously, it is just there to get away from the formal structure of most pages. You may have come to this page for one or more of the following reasons listed below:
  • I skipped this tutorial and did not pay attention to anything this NPC said, so now I ask tons of questions on what I am supposed to do even though I was given a tutorial ever since I first joined this game and there is a guy named Helpful Harris who can answer all of my basic questions, but I do not have the patience to sit/stand/lay there and wait for a couple of minutes just to read his dialogues.
  • My pet was on my keyboard and it kept "screwing around" through the tutorial instructions, so I came back here to either see what was the tutorial all about or other reasons that I do not feel like listing with this particular excuse.
  • I came here to this tutorial so that one day when someone asks what are they supposed to do in this game, I link them to this article to allow their minds to comprehend their basic skills of reading. If they still do not get it, I will keep linking them with this, alongside with "triggered" expressions to express how much "pain" I'm going through.
  • I paid attention to the tutorial, but I only came here just for other satisfying results/reasons.
  • I came here because someone sent me here or I just happened to press/click it.
  • I may or may not had read this article for the sole purpose to see the username of the photographer, as well as what type of computer they are using just so I can mock them for using this particular brand.
  • I just found this article under the navigation bar and I am possibly going to comment something random like 'first', '1h8goydivfcguivv1', or other nonsense that would eventually be deleted.


  • The tutorial had yet to be updated/revamped as of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update and one of the main things that is now false is losing a portion of your gold upon death. This was removed around Autumn of 2017 after several complaints came from the community to remove the effect in-game.
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