Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki

This page hosts the Tutorial and the basic understanding of the game, Fantastic Frontier. This Tutorial should be triggered when a player is joining the game for the very first time, however, may not activate for unknown reasons. If you did not receive the Tutorial, you may interact with the slideshow above to preview the basics. However, keep in mind that this tutorial have not been up-to-date since the Otherworld Update (February 1, 2018).


Be aware that the following reasons that are listed below are informal, and some of them are not meant to be taken seriously.

You may have come to this article for one or more reasons below:

  • "I skipped this tutorial and did not paid any attention to anything this NPC had said, so now I ask tons of questions on what I'm supposed to do even though I was given a tutorial in the first place. In addition, there's a very obscure NPC by the name of Helpful Harris who can answer all of my basic questions, in case I had not recalled anything from the tutorial. However, I do not have the patience to sit there and wait for a few minutes to interact with it and I died to a walking saw-blade."
  • "My pet was on my keyboard."
  • "I saw this tutorial before, but I felt like coming back here again."
  • "Someone sent me a link to this article and I'm not sure why."
  • "I did not come to mock the screenshotter for using a bad platform to play any games. I totally didn't."
  • "I just found this article under the navigation bar and I am going to comment something random like 'first', '1h8goydivfcguivv1', or other nonsensical stuff!"


  • The tutorial had yet to be updated/revamped, and one of the main things that is now false is losing a portion of your gold upon death. This was removed around Autumn of 2017 after several complaints came from the community to remove the effect in-game.