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The Traveling Human Element is a monster drop that can be acquired in the Frontier. It can be found from various sources and locations throughout the Frontier including but not limited to:


In appearance, two grey, humanoid figures with shocked expressions. One is depicted as standing up while the other has fallen over. Players can exchange 1 Traveling Human Element for 2,500,000 gold during the Slayer's Tasks. If the player has no purpose for the Traveling Human Element, it can be sold for 1,010,101 gold.


  • A decoration of a single Traveling Human Element can be found under Wonald Izzi Jackson's wooden platforms in Topple Town.
  • The item name is a reference to a traveling human element, which, in communications, is a term that basically refers to a person who carries a message from point A to point B. A mailman is an example of a traveling human element.