The Tough Green Ring is a ring equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can only be obtained via purchasing it from Amy Thistlewitch at Blackrock Mountain at a price of 100,000 gold.

The Tough Green Ring is described to be a black ring with a green jade atop of it, as implied by its description. It shares similar features of other ring equipment where the gemstones are mainly in the center, rather than anywhere else of the ring equipment.

The Tough Green Ring is only recommended if the players want to focus on having more endurance, where the player will take up less stamina while performing actions, like swinging their weapons, casting, fishing, etc. Endurance basically lowers the cost of stamina-use items, how it works is like so:

  • 7% Endurance means 7% of the stamina that would have been used is not used at all.
  • 50% Endurance means that the cost of stamina is essentially halved.


  • Jades have a myth of soothing or purifying the energy field of a person who possesses one. This can explain why the Tough Green Ring gives endurance.
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