• Alias: Totality Jack

Totality Jack. Its appearance is similar to that of a Gumbo, except that it looks bulkier and has a purple-green color scheme applied to its appearance. It is seen on the 30th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Totality Jack, serving as the 6th boss out of the 10 bosses that the players must defeat as they progress through the dungeon.


There are three attacks that Totality Jack can perform:

  • Extended Thrust - Pulls back its limbs and then thrust it forward in an attempt to hit the players.
  • Leap - Leaps towards the player's location in an attempt to stomp on them.
  • Punching Spree - The entity will begin to thrust in multiple punches towards the players' location, in an attempt to hit them from both sides.


Attempting to fight Totality Jack at ground level is extremely dangerous and often fatal, as its punching spree can quickly kill players, even through the heaviest of armor and health regeneration.

A popular strategy that players typically do on this floor is by standing on the head of Totality Jack, making them practically immune to their melee-based attacks and prevents them from using their leaping attack. This method is dubbed as the "Head Baiter" method.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is often compared to the Gumbo.
  • It is the 6th out of the 10 bosses that the players will encounter in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • It is one of the easiest bosses to defeat according to most players due to the "Head Baiter" method.
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