Topple Lake is a reserved body of water that belongs to the sanctuary known as Topple Town. It borders multiple areas but not limited to the Ancient Forest, Rubble Spring, Topple Hill, & Topple Town. It remains a place that continues to retain the purpose of allowing players to fish for a variety of fishes. After the introduction of the Otherworld Update, Topple Lake may be raided by a few mobs from the Ancient Forest, like the Black Ant and the Munsk.

There are several well-known features of Topple Lake. The most well-known geographic feature is its waterfall, the source of the many rivers and streams of Rubble Spring and Hoodlum Falls leading into The Far Coast. It is overlooked by the castle home with its wooden platform, as well as a small bridge and docks located near the waterfall. If the player were to stand on the docks and look at the other far corner of Topple Lake, there is a door that leads into the first floor of Knight Antonius's armor shop.

Before the Otherworld Update, Topple Lake was not much of significant importance to the players as most of the fishes and harvestable were not really "ideal" or "eye-catching." After the introduction of the Otherworld Update, Topple Lake has become a place for all fishermen alike to attempt to reel in a variety of fishes.


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