• Alias: Toad, "Frog"

The Toad shares similar appearances to that of the Dull Frog, with the main differences being that it is green and possesses a quite sinister grin similar to that of the Spooky Grin. It makes its appearance on the 16th floor of the Otherworld Tower, TOADS!, where the players will be bombarded by three waves of Toads at different areas of the platform.


There is only one attack that the Frog can perform:

  • Water Projectile - Shoots out a projectile of solidified water towards the player's current location, inflicting large amounts of damage.

It also has a defense mechanism where if the player approaches it, it will begin to flee away from the players in an attempt to distance themselves from the player.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Toad. Any claims of "missing items" that the Toad could drop will be cast aside as false information.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • Its grin resembles similar to that of a Spooky Grin.
  • It is one of the few mobs that will drop consumables for the players to use as they progress through the dungeon.
  • Its favorite delicacy is the Eggplant.
  • The Toad shoots projectiles of water, just like the Dull Frog.
  • A bigger version of the Toad can be found on the island of Matumada.
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