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The Town of Right and Wrong is the second or third town that the players will encounter. It's also another safe haven for players who are retreating from their journeys of harvesting, killing, collecting, or exploring. It's home to many NPCs, which will include outlandish beings, humans, and gnomes. Like Topple Town, The Town of Right and Wrong have many things for a player to purchase or explore. The residents in The Town of Right and Wrong can be interacted with by pressing "E" on the keyboard.

Buildings & Sites

Celestial Peak's Rock Formation

In Topple Town, the player may be aware of the telescope that shows the player The Town of Right and Wrong. Near The Golden Coin, there's a telescope that can be interacted with by the player. The player will soon see the glowing rock formation at Celestial Peak if used.

The Grand Castle

The Grand Castle is a large castle where a black and white-checkered gate prevents the player from entering. Currently, as of the 0.915a Update, the players can't interact with the castle, nor its doors. This site may be the home of the king or queen of The Town of Right and Wrong, however, it's unknown what its purpose is.

The Inn Behind All Those Doors

Like the Red Ogre Inn, the Inn, although nameless, can be found to the right of the fountain of the Town of Right and Wrong. There are two ways to get in and out of the Inn. The first one being near the fountain. The second one can be found near Captain Finnegan's airship. The innkeeper of the Inn is simply named Innkeeper. If the player wants to rest at the Inn, they must pay a fee of 1,000 gold to restore their health during the nighttime.


In the Town of Right and Wrong, there's only one purchasable home that the player can purchase. The Black Tower is sold by Realtor Reynold and contains 60 storage slots, a smithing station, a drop-portal to Topple Town, a fishing well, and some rooms. The cost of the Black Tower is 5,000,000 gold.


In The Town of Right and Wrong, there are some mysteries located inside of it.

Dr. Seuss

Nicknamed as Dr. Seuss, this NPC's purpose is unknown. He wears a tall striped hat, as well as clown-like attire. He seems to be a boss of some sorts, but its intentions are currently unknown.

Golden Ratboy

All players should recognize the iconic Rat Boy whenever they die. There's another NPC that looks very similar to Rat Boy, except it's covered in a paint of gold. He appears to be resting in the Inn, but his purpose is still unknown.

Shops & Vendors



The Dancer is a green-clothed dancer that dances with the Magic Radio. He's currently the only person in-game who sells a gamepass item. He only sells the Magic Radio, at a price of 300 ROBUX.

Little Chelli

Little Chelli

Like Big Box, Little Chelli can buy the player's items for gold. He can be found near the fountain, next to The Inn Behind All Those Doors.


Otherworld Armory

The Otherworldly Weaponsmith is a merchant from another world, selling very powerful weapons. Most of his items are either melee or magic weapons and are very pricey. These weapons are either spellbooks or melee weapons with special abilities. These spellbooks may be the Greater Storms Spellbook or the Celestial Power Spellbook.

Spirit of Commerce

Spirit of Commerce

The Spirit of Commerce is one of the four spirits that allows the player to increase their maximum health pool permanently by 100. He's currently the most expensive and the easiest to find. For an increase in health pool, the player must pay a price of 2,500,000 gold.


The Eye's Wares

The Great Eyeman is to the right of the fountain, up the stairways. The Great Eyeman sells armor sets that may be pricey for some players.


The Golden Coin

The Golden Coin, run by Arbewhy, is a shop that sells armor sets, misc equipment, and back equipment. The Golden Coin is also currently the only shop that sells a pair of wings, Angel Wings or Dark Angel Wings, for 5,000,000 gold. These pairs of wings allow the player to take flight, which is useful to fly over monsters or tall terrains.

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