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The Theatre is a medium-sized zone that can be explored by the players in the Nightmare. It can only be accessed after entering the key-locked door requiring the Theatre Key. Its entrance can be found in The Grand Hall.

Upon entering The Theatre, the players will notice many things. They will see several rows of chairs, reserved for a noticeably absent audience. Beyond the open curtain is the stage, where The Cricket will spawn to attack the players in the Theatre. Other 'landmarks' in the zone include the following:

  • The Backstage - The Backstage refers to the area behind the curtains of the stage. Many crates, curtains, and props can be seen in this particular area, as well as many mobs that lurk and inhabits behind the stage. If the player reaches to the far ends of the backstage, they can access different parts of The Back Area.
  • The Box - The Box refers to the small balcony-like area above The Theatre's exits. This can only be accessed if the players had acquired an Ancient Key and used it to unlock one of the Hidden Key-locked Door in The Grand Hall. Players must pass through The Ballroom to get to the other end. Upon entering the door, they will gain access to the upper-view of The Theatre, as well as encountering Mr. Ticket, a quest giver that asks the players to acquire 100 Theatre Tickets in return for a reward.

Overall, The Theatre is a popular place to farm mobs for their loot, as many mobs have a tendency to spawn in this particular zone. It houses a variety of activities that players can perform, from killing The Cricket to collecting Theatre Tickets.


  • The Theatre's picture shown in the Infobox is taken and rendered by Spectrabox himself.
  • The Box is a theatre term used to describe the area closed off from the rest of the theatre, usually reserved for a private audience, however the only inhabitant in the Box is Mr. Ticket.