The Supermarket, also known as the Marketplace, is a massive open-spaced zone that players can explore in. The Supermarket can be accessed once the players leave The Back Area, by exiting from one of the two doors from either end of the hallway and traveling down the stairways to begin their journeys in the zone.

There are two noticeable 'landmarks' in the zone. This includes the Cyan Door and 'The Exits'.

  • Cyan Door - The Cyan Door is a door that can only be accessed after the players had pressed the cyan button hidden somewhere in the Nightmare. After the players had pressed the cyan button and traveled to the Supermarket, they can access the Cyan Door located near the center of the Supermarket, specifically around furniture and aisle shelves. After entering the Cyan Door, the players will be taken to a room in The Mansion, with 4 Frogs playing a card game, as well as a huge pile of Rat Tokens that players can collect.
  • 'The Exits' - 'The Exits' refers to the three entrances/exits of the Supermarket, directing the players to The Road, another massive zone that players can explore and venture into. These doors can only be accessed with the Ancient Key, otherwise, the players are not permitted to exit the Supermarket and into the Road.

Overall, The Supermarket is a popular hub for many players to head to as there's a variety of activities that players can do to progress in the game, Fantastic Frontier. From killing many mobs that spawn in the zone, such as the Flying Clown and the Path Gambler, to collecting 'exclusive' collectibles for gold profit, The Supermarket is a great way for players to grind gold. It also acts as a 'checkpoint' or a 'shortcut' to allow players to quickly get to The Road's starting point and/or The Back Area/The Theatre's rooms.


  • Although the zone is popular for the abundance of farming methods that players can perform in the zone, it is infamously known for the hostile clowns that roam in every corner of the Supermarket.
  • The Racing Clown's Race Scenario typically takes place in the zone.
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