The Spider's Nest is a dungeon instance notably found in Blackrock Mountain. It is the main location of where the players can find the Corrupted Wizard awaiting for its 'preys' in its nest. Players can enter the dungeon instance, The Spider's Nest, by finding the cave entrance (mouth) of Blackrock Mountain. This should be found near the peak of Blackrock Mountain.

Once the player enters the dungeon instance, they will have a short overhang-like path that looks over the nest below. At the battlefield, it is shaped in a circular-like shape and it is assumed to be made out of earth, simply known as dirt or the ground.

In order for the player to exit The Spider's Nest, they must have a Blackrock Mountain Portal Key in their inventory. This can be obtained by killing the Corrupted Wizard as a definite drop to ensure that the players will still be able to leave The Spider's Nest. From there, the player must use the portal provided on the battlefield and will then be teleported upon the cliffsides and overhangs closest to the peak of Blackrock Mountain. If the player still has their Portal Key, they may use the portal near the peak of Blackrock Mountain to quickly be directed to the battlefield.

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