The Rolling Road is a small passage-based area that can be found in the Frontier. The Rolling Road is described as a rolling highway, a land that is used for transportation-based services. It connects both Celestial Field and Petrified Grassland, enabling ground-level access for players who travel by foot. Its coastline is Coral Bay, while the elevated ridges are the borders of The Pits.

There is only one particular landmark of importance. It is dubbed as the "Cliff Overlook" as for one, it's a cliff off the edge of The Rolling Road and it overlooks the coastlines of Coral Bay. There are no significant purposes of this landmark, other than being a place for mobs to spawn in, birds to reside in, and sometimes, an area where the Interdimensional Traveler appears in.

Overall, The Rolling Road does not appear to provide a lot of content, although it is one of the most popular areas to seek a Purple Ogre and/or Green Ghost that spawns in the areas on rare occasions.


  • The Rolling Road is based on a rolling highway in real-life.
  • It is a popular hub for players that seek one of the two following mobs: Purple Ogre or the Green Ghost.
  • It is one of the only map areas that is home to only one harvestable, the Sun Flower.
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