The Road is a vast linear, long area that can be accessed after leaving The Supermarket, by using an Ancient Key to unlock one of the three ancient key-locked doors in the zone. It is described as a very long, narrow road cloaked by the empty darknesses of the Nightmare, with cracks and black boulders surrounding the shoulders of the road, as well as stoplights and road barriers scattered across the road.  

Near the halfway point of The Road, it breaks up into disconnected parts and peculiar red pieces of circuitry can be seen scattered about the highway. The Hidden Key Door can be found in this area, at the very bottom. This door leads to The Back Area, a small zone that borders The Theatre and The Supermarket

After around 10 to 30 minutes of traveling east through the road, the players will finally reach the End of the Road's starting point, where they may encounter the Democan, a horrific sword wielding boss commonly found at the End of the Road


  • The Road is not to be confused with the End of the Road, despite being very similar to each other.
  • Players can return back to The Supermarket after interacting with the abandoned plaque at the starting point of the Road, further behind the players' starting point.
  • The Road spans roughly 21497 studs.
  • The chasm of The Road is located roughly 44% into the road (inclusive the End of The Road), making users with a Hidden Key able to skip 9489 studs of The Road.


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