The Quiet Field is an open, sun-touched meadow that bares any trees. Trees that can be found within the fields are isolated from one another, and rocks are scattered far and wide away from each other. The Quiet Field is surrounded by four other sections of land. To the west, it borders Greenhorn Grove and The Deep Forest. To the north, it borders Rubble Spring, and to the east, it borders Hoodlum Falls. The Quiet Field only borders one major body of water, that being The Far Coast to the southernmost edge of The Quiet Field.


There is only one notable landmark within The Quiet Field, that being the Tower of The Quiet Field. Adventurers can purchase the tower as a home to stay and rest in at a price of 5,000,000 gold. The tower offers a magic ore wall that replenishes a small supply of various ores that would otherwise be difficult to obtain in the dangerous lands of the Frontier.


Common birds includes:

Common flora and fungi includes:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:




  • Prior to the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, the walled gate entrance outside of the tower was previously non-collidable, meaning that players can walk through the walls or phase into it. This was later patched on an unknown date.
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