The Pommel's Helmet is a helmet that can be obtained from the end of the Otherworld Tower after a player has completed it for the first time. This reward can only be obtained from The Pommel through interaction after the player(s) defeat the Soul of the Frontier, also known as Mr.58. It can only be received once and will not be rewarded multiple times for beating the Otherworld Tower repeatedly.

In appearance, The Pommel's Helmet is a tall, gray head equipment possessing two "shoulder pads". It emits a passive visual effect in the form of smoke particles that fade after a few seconds, similar to the smoke produced by a chimney. The front view of the helmet is observed to have a red, blue, and yellow color scheme that references the main colors of the Frontier while its shoulder pads appears to have a black and white glow respectively, referencing the Otherworld Dimension.

When equipped, The Pommel's Helmet will provide 15 armor points, increasing the player's defense. It will also provide 55 points to all damage-types, increasing the amount of damage the player can inflict on an opponent, as well as giving 4 HP regen points, regenerating the player's HP by 4 points every second.


  • If the player loses this item, it can be recovered by talking to the Pig at Topple Town.
  • This helmet bares a striking resemblance to The Pommel/The Gavel. Such similarities include the chimney, the shoulder pads, the multicolored eyes and the white and black colors on the shoulder pads.
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