The Pommel is a powerful entity that the players will encounter after defeating Mr.58 on Floor 50 of the Otherworld Tower dungeon. The Pommel is an entity that is implied to be the last moments of time that holds the Frontier's world separate from the Otherworld. It prevents the players from accessing the Otherworld dimension.

Not to be confused with The Gavel, The Pommel only appears in the Otherworld Tower after the players completed the dungeon for the first time. The Pommel is notably known to be the entity that rewards the players with The Pommel's Helmet.

In its appearance, The Pommel is identical to the helmet it gives to the players once they completed the dungeon for the first time, having red, blue, and yellow color schemes in its center, acting as eyes. These eyes may have been arranged to be organized in a circular manner, in a way that it is indirectly referencing the Frontier's world. Besides its head is two shoulder-pads that sit beside The Pommel's head, being visualized as black and white respectively. This is meant to reference the Otherworld.

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