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The Plant Room is a small area that can be accessed by the players after entering the Green Door, located in the Inside. Players need to complete the first riddle and/or use the shortcut route via Blue Door, trapdoor, and orb method to get to the Inside. The players must've also pressed the green button beforehand to unlock the Green Door.

After the players had entered the Green Door, the player can find an NPC in the room to the left, known as the Mandrake. While interacting with the NPC, the Mandrake will inform the players about the Plant Door in The Plant Room, as well as how to unlock it.

Proceeding to the room at the center of the main room, the players can find a wide, narrow room containing eight wooden garden plots, as well as the Plant Door.

In order to unlock the wooden door, the players need to plant and cultivate all 8 plants from the Gardening feature that include the Giant's Corn, Beet'zo, Fantastic Sunflower, Nightmare Plant, Divine Grapes, Gift Tree, Noble Blue Flower, and the Mandrake.


Harvestable that can be found in the area include Bad Dust and Dream Mushroom.


Mobs found in the area include Goon and Macabre Candelabra.


The only NPC in the area is the Mandrake.

Once a plant is harvested and cultivated, it will be added to the display in The Plant Room's soil crates. Harvesting all 8 types of plants will unlock the wooden door, which leads to The Old Cave, a passage to the Maze of the Root.


A checklist provided and saved for you to check off the plants you have cultivated.

Beet'zo Seeds bought from Mr. Sims
Giant's Corn Seeds bought from Mr. Sims
Fantastic Sunflower Seeds dropped by mobs of the Nightmare or bought from Mr. Sims
Mandrake Seeds dropped by mobs of the Nightmare or from doing Giant Toad's Tasks
Nightmare Plant Seeds dropped by mobs of the Nightmare or bought from Mr. Sims
Divine Grapes Seeds bought from Mr. Sims
Noble Blue Flower Seeds bought from Mr. Sims or Green Golem
Gift Tree Seeds dropped by mobs of the Nightmare or bought from Mr. Sims


  • While passing through the obstacle room in Meeting Place, the title 'The Plant Room' will appear depending on the player's position. This is due to the fact that The Plant Room is next to the Meeting Place's obstacle room, mixing the titles in the process.
  • It is the only place where Goons specifically spawns at, meaning that the players cannot go AFK in the room, otherwise they will be killed by the Goons that spawns in the rooms.