The Pits are a series of large ravines, crevasses and various rough, uneven terrain located inside Celestial Peak, near The Town of Right and Wrong. It is mostly consists of columns of rock from the bottom layer, holding up rough, uneven grassy terrain, creating small ravines which are connected by brown vines, with the holes just big enough for the sunlight to shine down on the bottom, rock layer.

The Pits are mainly home to fairytale-based creatures of pastel colours, such as the Munsk. The Pits consists of many trees of white, blue, lime and occasionally pink, which are all subdued pastel colours. The Primeval Genie seems to be the only monster not with a subdued colour, as it wears dark green.

Down under the bottom layer of The Pits lies the Pit Depths, an underground opening that structures within it the Magma Brain, a powerful boss which, according to game sources, is the primary source of volcanic complications in The Pits. Defeating it awards the Magma Brain Core and may also give an Inferno Hammer.


Use the map for further reference.
The Pits are smothered inside Celestial Peak, located NW of The Town of Right and Wrong.

Furthermore, because The Pits are close to Celestial Field, a Magma Knight may unintentionally get flung and appear there, as with other various places, like Topple Town.

The Pits share borders with the Great Pine Forest, Celestial Peak, Rolling Road, Petrified Grassland, A Frontier Of Dragons and Hedge Maze. It does not border Abandoned Orchard as there is a noticeable gap between them as seen with the map.

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